Model 5000, atoll blue, with optional saddlebags and bumpers Single-cylinder engine, 2-stroke, 49 cc, air-cooled, max speed 30 km / h The only front-wheel drive bike in the world! Wikipedia: The VéloSoleX, more commonly known as Solex, is a moped whose engine was created by the French mechanical company Solex. More than seven million were produced, in several versions, from 1946 to 1988. As a moped, he could drive in France without a license and from the age of 14 years. Light, rustic and economical, “the bicycle that rolls by itself” (according to a slogan of the 1950s) was very popular among high school students, students and workers. It was kind of the 2CV mopeds. Production was first provided in Courbevoie then in (at least) two other factories located in Asnières and Mâcon, before being regrouped in 1975 in Saint-Quentin after the acquisition of the brand by Motobécane2. The brand also produced bicycles in the early 1970s. An attempt was made to revive Hungary from 1998 to 2002 (Impex). In 2006, the Solex brand and its vintage aesthetic were taken over for an electric moped designed by Pininfarina and produced in China, the e-Solex. Production returned to France in 2005, and as of 2011 the S4800 model being marketed by VeloSolex America in North Bergen, NJ.