Jaguar E-Type

What a beauty! The most beautiful Jaguar if not the most beautiful car in the history of the automobile. Since its launch in 1961 until the end of its production in 1975, the E-Type (also called XKE or Type E) has always aroused admiration and envy. It remains to be seen which is the most beautiful: the roadster or the coupe. Fluid, graceful, ready to pounce, her timeless style will distinguish her forever from car production. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, the race-inspired E-Type is new in design and ahead of its time: two-overhead camshaft, 3 carburettors, 265 horsepower, 4-speed, 4-wheel disc brakes, suspension independent, self-supporting monocoque body, tubular sub-assembly supporting the engine, suspension and steering, low center of gravity, advanced aerodynamics, lightness. What more hope? Designed by the brilliant Malcolm Sayer, it was the greatest success of Sir William Lyons. It is one of the top 100 cars of the 20th century and features in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.