A RARE MID-ENGINE ITALIAN EXOTIC Designed and built by Pininfarina One of only 1801 units imported, this completely restored 1977 Lancia Scorpion / Montecarlo with truly unique upgrades, one of the best in the country, offers remarquable performance and handling.

Lancia Beta Scorpion / Montecarlo 1977 Modificata

Lancia was founded in 1906 in Turin (Italy) by Vincenzo Lancia, ex-racecar driver for FIAT. The first noteworthy Lancia (Lambda, 1922) introduced unitbody construction, independent front suspension and a V4 engine. Followed several landmark designs (Aprilia, 1937 – Aurelia, 1950 – Aurelia B24, 1954 – Fulvia, 1965 – Stratos, 1973), allowing Lancia to be selected six times for the Car of the Century contest, more than any other car manufacturer. The Lancia Scorpion (Montecarlo in Europe) is based on the Abarth 030 prototype which was meant to replace the Fiat X/19. Lancia Abarth 037, winner of the 1983 World Rally Championship, is based on the Lancia Montecarlo. This car (serial 1759) is a Series II Scorpion, with upgraded 2 L European specification engine (155 hp), lowered and adjustable suspension, larger brakes and wheels and an exclusive longer ratio 5th gear allowing relaxed highway cruising. Complete factory air conditionning system available with car.


Model: Beta Scorpion (Montecarlo in Europe) Designer and Builder: Pininfarina (Turin) Production (from 1975 to 1981) – 7,595 units. Only 1801 units were imported to North America in 1976 and 1977 Type: Mid-engine two-seater sports car, transverse engine and transmission Engine: 4 cyl. 2 litre, twin overhead performance camshafts, 2 twin-barrel Weber DCNF carburetors with custom cool air induction, electronic ignition, performance header and exhaust, 155 hp @ 7500 rpm Transmission: rear-wheel drive, 5 speed gearbox, custom-made taller 5th gear ratio (0.78 to 1) Chassis: monocoque (unitbody), upgraded larger 4-wheel disk brakes, lowered and fully adjustable independent suspension, rack and pinion steering Top speed: 125 mph Fuel consumption (highway): 27 mpg (US), 32.5 mpg (UK), 8,7 L/100