Rules of etiquette to keep in mind when hiring limos Toronto

Arriving on limos Toronto is one of the most imposing parts of any big occasion or event like parties, birthdays, weddings, etc. However, just as one gets ample of amenities to enjoy inside a limousine, one has certain responsibilities to keep in mind and follow. Below listed are some etiquettes that you should remember. 

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Observe hygiene 

Every limousine in Toronto maintains and follows strictly a high standard of cleanliness to make sure that the ride is enjoyed by one and all. Since you are enjoying the amenities of a Toronto limousine, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that it is clean and organized when you leave it. Never dump wrappers, cans and empty bottles. They shouldn’t be lying here and there inside the limo. Never keep your shoes on the seats as they might stain the seats. Always remember that the next client will expect to find the limousine as clean and neat as you found it. 

Seating procedures 

The seat at the back of the vehicle that is the power seat should be occupied by the person who has booked the limousine. One should never stand and enter the limousine. First of all, sit, swing your legs and then slide inside. Otherwise, it can be discomforting for both the passengers. 

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Keep in Mind your manners

As we know, limos are luxury vehicles that offer luxurious comforting seats and alcoholic beverages besides other amenities. So, while enjoying and partying inside, remember it’s not a play den. No passenger should get drunk, scream, curse and do drugs inside the limo. Also, it’s not allowed to stick one’s head out of the sunroof. Remember to treat both the limousine and its driver with respect. 

Know how many people are to be accommodated

Normally, the limousine you hire depends on the number of people it will have to accommodate. If the number of people traveling has to change, immediately inform the car limousine service providing company and report the necessary changes. 

Offer Tip to the driver

Never hesitate to pay a tip to the driver. Consider it as a part of your responsibility. The chauffeur certainly deserves a tip for his extraordinary service that he jas provided you with. Most people Don’t know how much tip to pay. Generally, the tip amounts to 15 to 20% of your total bill. 

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Leave the car

Until the door is opened for you, you should remain seated. The chauffeur will assist you in getting out of the car and lifting the items of your luggage. Usually, the first person to get out of the car is the one who git in first in the limousine. 

These are some of the important rules of etiquette that you must follow when you are hiring Limos Toronto. Hiring a limousine alone doesn’t work and you need to be aware of how to act and take care of the service you are opting for.